Paralympic Development Academy

The British Athletics Development Academy was set up in 2013 as the first stepping stone into the National Programme for performance athletes and their coaches who have the aspiration to compete on the World Stage. The Programme aims to provide an introduction into an elite training environment with exposure to sessions from technical experts and input from specialist practitioners.

The Development Academy is delivered through two squads based in the north and south of the country and runs annually from 1st December to 1st May every year. Athletes are invited into the Development Academy for up to four years depending on their age, stage of development and progression through the pathway. On occasion, athletes will be offered a fifth year based on their development needs and progression.

The days offer experience of working in a performance environment alongside some of the best athletes in the country and an introduction to the wider support services that can benefit elite athletes. Coaches will have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded event specialists and access a forum of coaches for mentored support in line with their own development in the sport.

For more information on about the British Athletics Paralympic Development Academy, please contact:

Sarah Benson
Paralympic Pathway Manager

2021 Paralympic Development Academy Selection Policy