UKA Members

About UKA Members

The UKA Members have a key role in providing high level input on the vision and direction of UK Athletics.

The members are consulted on the development of the strategy for the sport, debate significant issues relating to Athletics, act as a ‘sounding board’ for the Board and the wider executive providing constructive challenge and advisory opinions.

They act as an ambassador to disseminate the Company’s strategic vision, helping to ensure that all stakeholders understand and support a shared vision for the development of Athletics.

To ensure that the activities of UK Athletics are endorsed by the sport as a whole, the UKA Members consists of:

• A President and Vice President
• a representative from each of the four National Associations
• two club representatives
• one person each representing coaching, officials, and road running
• two representatives from the Athletes Commission consisting of the chair and one other ensuring that there is one para and one non-para representative
• any person from the UK serving as a World Athletics Council Member or serving as a committee member on the IPC Athletics Technical Committee who elect to be a UKA Member

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