Rules of Competition

Athletics has a set of rules for Competition and a series of official notification periods for proposed changes to them.

UK Athletics governs the Rules for Competition for the following disciplines:

  • Track and Field Competition
  • Road Running Competition
  • Cross Country Running
  • Fell and Hill Running
  • Race Walking
  • Trail Running

Rule Book Sales

UK Athletics Rules for Competition are published every two years and copies are available to buy at Neuff Athletics Equipment:, Email and Telephone 01752 893742.

UKA Rules for Competition 2020 – 2022 Incorporating World Athletics Rules (Updated December 2020)

UKA Rules 2020 – 2022 Summary of Changes

UKA Rules for Competition 2020 Supplementary Guidance Notes (updated December 2020)

UKA Rules 2020 – 2022 – FAQ May 2020

IAAF Amendments for circulation to officials

U18 Steeplechase Rule Statement

U18 Barrier Height adapatation

World Athletics Shoes Rule T5 (formerly 143)

The World Athletics Shoe Rule introduced in July 2020, reference TR5.2 – 5.6, 5.12 and 5.13, does apply to competitions in the UK and athletes who wear shoes listed by World Athletics as not compliant with the Rules will be liable to disqualification and any records set will not be ratified.

Where a Call Room is operated it is the responsibility of the Call Room Manager to apply appropriate checks on equipment.  At other events the Referee will resolve any issues.

In case of doubt the list of shoes that are approved and not approved are detailed in the World Athletics documents that follow this note.

World Athletics Shoe Compliance List

World Athletics letter – List of approved shoes

World Athletics – Book of Rules


IPC Athletics Rules and Regulations

Please visit the IPC website for the most up to date information relating to disability athletics competitions or follow this link to view the IPC document.