3rd January 2024

Additional online Duty of Care learning module 'Disordered Eating in Athletes' added

UK Athletics has announced the launch of an additional online learning module adding to the wider Duty of Care courses currently available for those involved in the sport across the UK.

The course – developed with Loughborough University – ‘Disordered Eating in Athletes’ is an evidence-based course, where candidates will gain the key knowledge and skills to help prevent eating problems and identify and support athletes showing symptoms of disordered eating.

The importance of nutrition in supporting the physical and mental health of athletes is significant. Athletes at all levels of sport deserve to train and compete in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment.

Sport, by definition, requires a significant level of physical exertion, and pushing the body to continue to improve. However, looking after and supporting an athletes physical and emotional health should always remain the priority over any sport goal.

Safeguarding the physical and emotional health of all athletes is a priority for UKA and the HCAFs and the following guidance on weighing athletes has been produced for all those with a responsibility for the duty of care of athletes. Click HERE for more details.

To find out more information about the ‘Disordered Eating in Athletes’ course can be found HERE.

Further details can be found here: Duty of Care Courses

For additional information, and useful sources of information on nutrition in sport, the following websites are available:

British Nutrition Foundation , Teenshealth and the NHS eatwell

If the subject matter covered in this communication or the course results in a concern about an athlete, then please contact safeguarding@uka.org.uk