Olympic Performance Pathway

The British Athletics Performance Pathway aims to provide opportunities to prepare, confirm and support the most promising young athletes on a journey to becoming future Olympic and Paralympic medallists in 2020 and beyond. British Athletics aims to work in partnership with home country programmes to ensure that talented athletes and coaches across the UK have the opportunity to maximise their potential and achieve their personal best.

The aim is to create both personal and on the ‘track/field’ readiness for athletes, preparing them for the final stage in the performance pathway which is the British Athletics World Class Programme (WCP). The objective of the pathway programmes are to support and add value to an athlete’s current plan with their personal coach, not to replace it. While regular, quality coaching is a key ingredient to progress, the programmes will look to ensure all athletes develop the necessary key areas for their event relating to lifestyle, preparation, performance, physical, mental, tactical and technical aspects.

Opportunities within the Pathway programmes include;

  • International competitions such as World, European & Commonwealth age group championships and minor internationals.
  • Organised training days and camps with education programme which ensures athletes & coaches are provided with the knowledge and tools to realise their potential.
  • Access to performance support services.
  • Access to performance training environments.
  • Objective measures of technical and physical abilities to provide insight and interventions to enable development.
  • Financial support to help with their individual athlete plan and coach development.
  • Support with applications for financial backing from external bodies.
  • Coach development and mentorship.

British Athletics Futures Academy Programme

The Futures Academy is focused on supporting Great Britain’s best young athletes – helping to provide a smooth athlete transition from Home Nation Programmes and confirming their potential to being considered for the World Class Programme. This will include support with their Individual Athlete Plan, access to support services and elite athlete education experiences.

Futures Sprint Relays – 4 x100m

The Futures Sprint Relays is a camp based programme focused around key age group competitions which aims to equip young talented sprinters with the necessary skills, behaviours and abilities to progress to the World Class Programme and support those who have highlighted the potential to win medals – individually and as part of a team – at future Olympic Games.

Home Nation Programmes

The Home Nation programmes play a vital role within the Performance Pathway system in both developing young athletes to transition with the necessary skills and abilities onto the World Class Programme but also to win medals at the major internationals and ultimately the Commonwealth Games

Youth Talent Programme

The Youth Talent Programme (YTP) for athletics is part of the talent to performance pathway designed to meet the needs of identified, talented English athletes aged between 16 and 18 years of age. The programme will help develop a broad range of skills, abilities and behaviours needed for senior success though the delivery of practical training sessions and workshops.


TASS aims to support English athletes to fulfil their sporting potential and to meet their academic goals through a dual process which creates a genuine balance between sport and education by providing them with a tailored package of core support services to assist their individual athlete plan.


British Athletics works in partnership with SportsAid to identify athletes progressing in the pathway and nominate them for a financial grant to support their preparation and competition plan for the season. Once nominated, SportsAid works with partners and sponsors to allocate funding.