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UK Athletics


Domestic Competition plays an important role for athletes of all abilities. Whilst continuing to be the lifeline for every athlete wanting to excel at elite level, it is essential that competition becomes more effective in engaging young people, to keep them in the sport for longer. 

Improving domestic competition and the experience of the athletes is one of the priorities for UK Athletics and the Home Country Athletics Federations (HCAF’s).This way we can work together to inspire an athletic nation and for athletes to reach their full potential. To achieve this, UK Athletics and the HCAF’s continue to work with competition providers to help raise standards in every event, every region and in every age group. 

Domestic Competition Strategy Group (CSG)
The Domestic Competition Strategy Group recognise the challenges within our sport, such as attraction and retention and have formulated a strategy and policy to address them including:
  • competition structure and fixture planning
  • competition standards 
  • competition licensing


We recognise there are challenges with domestic competition. The CSG regularly communicate with competition providers and meet four times a year. Members of the group include:
  • Donna Fraser, UKA Domestic Athletics Operations Manager
  • James Williams and Tom Marley, Welsh Athletics
  • Leslie Roy and Alasdhair Love, ScottishAthletics
  • Jackie Newton, Northern Ireland Athletics
  • Andrew Day, England Athletics
  • Hannah England, Chair of the Athletics Athletes Commission
  • Jonathan Roberts, UKA Talent Director 
  • Ian Hodge, UKA Statistician
  • John Temperton, UKA Licensing