Registrations for: higher competition athletes, foreign athletes and composite teams

Higher Competition Athlete Registration

This rule allows an athlete to join another club for a specific senior track and field league competition in which their Club of Origin does not compete. Registration lasts for one season of that competition. Registration costs £10 and must be renewed annually before 1st March.

Higher Competition Athletes – WOMEN (2019)

Higher Competition Athletes – MEN (2019)

Higher Competition Form (2019)

Foreign Athlete Registration

Every club with one or more foreign athletes as members who wish to offer them competitive opportunity must register them with the Governing Body. The process is an annual one and there is a cost for registration.

Foreign Athlete Registration Form (2019)

Guidance for Foreign Athlete Applications

2019 Foreign Athletes (May)

Composite Teams

Up to five clubs can come together to create a Composite Team for specific team competition (as long as that Competition Provider allows this within their rules). Registration is annual and a fee is charged for the first year. Renewal is free of charge and must be submitted by September 30.

Composite Club List 2019

Composite Team Guidelines

Composite Club Form 2016

Higher Competition 2012 – Athlete List

New Change of first claim of club and exemption application